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Lanson Gate Request EmptyWed Aug 28, 2013 2:21 pm by MattShadow

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Lanson Gate Request

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Lanson Gate Request

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Lanson Gate Request

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Lanson Gate Request Empty Lanson Gate Request

Post by IceFireWarden0 on Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:34 am

So is Lanson Gate in the mainstream universe? I kind of wrote the series within Dark's Nolan Swift universe (Lanson's about one year younger than Nolan).

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Lanson Gate Request Empty Re: Lanson Gate Request

Post by MattShadow on Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:21 pm

Nolan Swift is in the main universe, as is Josh McLean. However, any extensions to them are not automatically included in the universe. (I.e the Godslingers, your character) So you can't just join through that. The main problem I see is whether or not demi-dragons are a thing, which, I don't mind and frankly think is awesome. NVM, you changed it. Yeah I don't see a problem with your character at all. So you have my approval.

One thing to pay attention too, is world/large events. Most events are okay within your story since they're just quests or he's dealing with personal problems/events that occur, which is fine and doesn't invoke the rest of the universe. However, if rather large events, i.e camp under attack occur in your stories, you have to either include the other characters in its defense, or come up with a reason why they aren't there. I.e, more than one field of battle, or etc. Also, some information about groups and people that are already in the main universe, The Heroes Organization (THO) is the main 'peacekeeping' force for CHB/Olympus. They handle personal requests to help or defending the camp (along with many others of course) as well as handle large problems such as a threat to camp by some person or anything along those lines. The Questers are a more secretive group in regards to their missions, but everyone knows them around camp. They generally deal with threats but are generally more personal to them. (Also, Zack Johnson is a special demigod, he has a demon fused with him that grants him extra power, strength and etc, and is also one of the greatest fighters at camp.) Next, you don't have to worry about this generally, but the Questing Organization deals with very secretive nature assignments, and each one of them is very deadly in their profession. Other than that, I'm just assuming that the Assassins are in as well, since nothing contradicts or etc. They handle most things involving the escaping of souls from the under world or the undead, and protect the 7 Wonders of the World. Then you also have just individual characters, so Josh McLean is in as is Nolan Swift. So all associated main stories are generally also in.

Also, now that you're in the main universe. You can include cameos or references to any other public event or character in the Main Universe, and others can make references to you. I also find that it's also much easier to make short collabs between others since you are officially in the same universe.

FINALLY, add ALL information that is important about Lanson Gate and his stories to the Timeline on the wiki. (Lit the page is Timeline). If you need to add new dates or you want help with dating stuff, just ask and we can get it sorted. The Timeline is the official order of events that occur in the main timeline, and thus you can reference anything that's happened in the past.

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